Google Earth gets revival with tools for exploration

But improbably, it's home to all of us. This change comes just in time for the Earth Day celebrations, which is observed on the 22nd of April every year. It is expected to launch for the iOS users shortly, as well as for the users of other web browsers in near future. The desktop app, Google Earth Pro, is still stuck on version 7 and has a ton of measurement and recording features that aren't present in the web browser version.

The BBC said users can embark upon curated journeys, with filmed insights from its wildlife producers, imagery, and clips from series including Life Story (pictured), Africa, Planet Earth II.

Chicago agency finds high level of spilled chemical in lake
The EPA has said that hexavalent chromium — a toxic byproduct of industrial processes — might be carcinogenic if ingested. Because of the spill, the National Park Service closed the West Beach and the Portage Lakefront and Riverwalk sites.

Those tours are interactive, and are led by scientists, documentarians, and other experts, helping users learn about our world. There's also one strictly built for children from Sesame Street called Girl Muppets Around the World.

Separately, a new "I'm Feeling Lucky" feature takes you to a location selected at random. However as noted by AppleInsider, the location sharing feature with Google Maps is not dynamically updated so that's something you might want to take note of.

Talk-radio host Alex Jones argues persona in custody dispute
However, if someone is an actor, rather than say a drug dealer, a parent's job isn't necessarily a factor in such cases, according to Orgel.

Uncover hidden gems like Ciudad de las Artes y Las Ciencias in Valencia, Spain. Once there, you can open up a new "Knowledge Card" that will offer more information and history about the place in question. You might find yourself in Valencia, Spain and stumble on the lovely Ciudad de las Artes y Las Ciencias. With it, you can see in 3D, practically any place on Earth with more details like the city of NY, the Grand Canyon of Colorado, or the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia. Start with the majestic Grand Canyon, and the lovely Château de Chambord manor house in France.

Google has finally started bringing some of its search clout into Earth.

4 dead in Long Island park
The girls were attacked with a machete and baseball bats as they walked through the neighbouring town of Brentwood in September. The bodies were found in a park bordered by Clayton Street and Lowell Avenue, ten minutes drive from the center of Brentwood.

Google launched a special Voyager story called This Home, which showcases traditional homes from cultures around the world, such as a Peruvian chuclla and a Bedouin tent. You're invited to step inside a Peruvian chuclla, a Bedouin tent and a Greenlandic IIoq, and meet the people who live there. It was available only for HTC Vive headsets at the time and Google had assured back then that it would work on offering support for more platforms and provide them soon.

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