New GOP health care bill leaves 23 MILLION uninsured

The CBO's report also found that 51 million people under the age of 65 would be uninsured in a decade under the GOP plan compared to 28 million people who would be uninsured under current Obamacare law.

It was the budget office's first analysis of the bill that passed the House May 4 with only GOP votes. McConnell, however, told Reuters on Wednesday he does not yet know how Republicans will get the necessary votes.

The findings would seem to make it even less likely to take up the House bill as is in their chamber.

It gets worse. The new report that because the Republican proposal guts protections for essential-health benefits, people living in effected states "would experience substantial increases in out-of-pocket spending on health care or would choose to forgo the services".

Democrats also blasted the bill and said the CBO report proved it would be catastrophic for millions of people who would lose health insurance.

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"It does not destabilize markets when you cover people with pre-existing conditions on the much broader shoulders of the taxpayer, and then you allow the rest of people to have lower premiums and an insurance market that actually works for them", MacArthur added.

The new CBO score predicts the AHCA would cover 1 million more Americans than a previous version of the bill, which the agency estimated would have left 24 million more people uninsured than Obamacare in 2026.

Dick Durbin, the Democratic Whip, said in a statement, "No wonder the Republicans were afraid of the CBO analysis". "That instability would result from market responses to decisions by some states to waive two provisions of federal law, as would be permitted under" the GOP bill.

The nonpartisan office also says that compared with Obama's 2010 overhaul, average premiums for people buying individual policies would be lower. Insurers in these states would be allowed to charge higher premiums to those with pre-existing conditions if they let their coverage lapse.

Congress is aiming to pass the bill under a process called reconciliation, which requires only a simple majority of votes in the Senate, where Republicans hold a 52-48 majority, instead of 60 votes.

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"Less healthy people would face extremely high premiums, despite the additional funding that would be available under [the AHCA] to help reduce premiums", the report states.

Without repayment of the "cost-sharing reductions", insurers would have to raise premiums up to 20 percent next year to make up for the shortfall.

The new estimates will serve as a starting point for GOP senators starting to write their own version of the legislation as they consider changing the House's Medicaid cuts, tax credits and other policies.

"We'll probably have a slightly different glide path for expansion states for a phaseout, " Thune said.

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