DOJ Sides With Texas in 'Sanctuary Cities' Lawsuit

Rather, it asks police and jailers to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the same way that they do with other law enforcement agencies.

A lawyer for Texas said the law helps to ensure conformity across the state on the application of immigration law and prevents localities from adopting positions of non-cooperation with federal authorities. Democratic state Rep. Ana Hernandez, who did not become a US citizen until she was 18 years old, wiped away tears on the witness stand as she recalled Republican colleagues referring to people who are not citizens as "illegals" during debate over SB4.

Under Texas law, police officers generally can not arrest people without probable cause of a crime, and immigration violations often end up in civil court, versus a criminal court. Several groups including the Texas Organizing Project, Workers Defense Project and ACLU of Texas plan to rally and protest outside the courthouse starting at 8:30 a.m.

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Immigration Attorney Eric Cedillo says that the law is too vague and that some parts of it don't provide enough guidance. The largest city in Texas on Wednesday added its name to the list of cities opposing the law, saying it violated the guarantees of free speech and equal protection under the Constitution.

The law goes even further by punishing officers who don't cooperate with federal agents by turning over immigrants.

Hundreds of local jurisdictions, from county sheriffs to major cities such as NY, have adopted sanctuary policies that limit their cooperation with ICE, the agency that detains and deports immigrants.

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But hundreds of cities, towns and law enforcement agencies nationwide have enacted policies to protect immigrants from deportation, particularly those detained for minor offenses. The cities claim it is unconstitutional because it would encourage racial profiling, the Austin American-Statesman reported. A lot can happen between now and September 1, when the law is set to go into effect. She later said she would follow any law that passed. "And that's, frankly, what Texas's law does", White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters at an off-camera briefing Friday.

People attending the Houston City Council meeting on Tuesday raise their hands after State Senator Sylvia Garcia voiced her support of the city joining the lawsuit challenging SB4, the state's "sanctuary cities" ban.

Trump campaigned against sanctuary cities and on January 25 issued an executive order to punish them. "Gov. Abbott and [President] Trump have taken the stances that immigrants are bad for Texas and bad for our nation".

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