Trump expected to reveal Cuba policy this week

By acting on his campaign promises Trump will once again set himself apart from the former president, and also reward the Republicans who have been calling for a harder line on Cuba - specifically Marco Rubio.

CubaOne has asked to meet with the President to discuss U.S. -Cuba policy. The White House said the timing of the announcement had not yet been finalized.

President Trump has promised to roll back some of President Obama's diplomatic policies. The decision would pinch off a boom in American tourism that has centered on Havana and other Cuban cities, although Trump is expected to leave open the USA embassy, allow Cuban-Americans to send remittances to their families, and continue to allow special immigration status for Cubans.

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"I think the U.S. wants to pursue some kind of "carrot and stick" policy - that is to say, not to make too many concessions to Cuba and try to make them go down the path that the new administration wants Cuba to go down, but at the same time open up opportunities for U.S. businesses because many of them would like to have access to the Cuban market", he said.

Since 2014 Cuba has seen record numbers of tourists coming to the island, and hindering travel would have a severe impact on airlines, cruise ships and the tourism industry. But at the same time there's a very deeply divided Cuban-American community in Miami: the younger generation wants an opening to Cuba whereas the older generation, as many of them came from the island, wants to pursue a more hardline approach.

He also said he does not want to see curbs on Cuban entrepreneurship or the US more focused on Cuba sanctions than on sanctions against North Korea or Iran.

Rolling back Cuba policies would cost United States $6.6B
He is also considering, the report said, tightening restrictions on Americans traveling to Cuba. When agriculture is factored in, the potential losses rise to $8.1 billion and 14,500 jobs.

In a letter delivered to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Murphy and 13 other Democratic senators encouraged officials to "build on" economic and political progress made with Cuba for the benefit of American workers.

Sanctions targeting the Cuban military could have widespread effects, given its large role in the country - perhaps touching even on remittances and agriculture. There is also a consideration of ending people-to-people programs entirely, he said.

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