Could Bachelor in Paradise Get Any More Shameless?

"I did drink too much", she said. "I definitely over-drank and I was on some medication that you're not suppose to drink on", Corinne admitted.

'The first day unfortunately I don't remember much of, ' she told Chris in front of a live studio audience. It really just caused a awful, disgusting blackout. "Before I even had a chance to gather my thoughts and collect myself and talk to him or talk to anybody, he kind of just, like, went for it, and was so on the defense".

As we previously stated, we recently became aware of allegations regarding an incident on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico. "It can look like you're totally present and you're totally there, and your mind is nowhere near it", Olympios said. I know exactly how he feels. And I wish you all the best and I'm just...

Last week, Olympios announced on Twitter that she will be telling her side of the story regarding the sex scandal that reportedly led to the suspension of the "Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 production.

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As for Jackson, Olympios says she never wanted to blame him for what happened.

Both Olympios and the castmate in question, whom Olympios identified as DeMario Jackson, retained attorneys shortly after the company suspended production, which ultimately resumed. After Olympios watched the playback, she addressed Jackson again saying, "I honestly don't feel like he did anything wrong.I really just want people to know that I don't blame DeMario".

"I would hope that if a producer saw anything that they were uncomfortable with anyone they would do the proper investigations and everything to make sure that everybody's safe and everything like that", she added. This is hot. This is very.

She added to People magazine, in online excerpts posted Tuesday from an interview in the upcoming issue, "I never meant that I was a victim of DeMario".

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Regarding her statement that she was a "victim," Olympios elaborated, stating, "I was a victim of, you know, just being blown into the media and, you know, having people make these insane, you know, assumptions and judgments about what happened that day".

On Tuesday night's Bachelor in Paradise, host Chris Harrison interrupted your scheduled programming of drunken spit and bed swapping for A Very Special Sit-Down with Corinne Olympios, one of the subjects of the sexual misconduct investigation that almost shutdown the series earlier this summer. "I was sad", Jackson said. There's no bad blood there.

Right before this season of "Bachelor in Paradise" debuted, ABC assured viewers that they would learn what really happened during the biggest controversy in the tawdry franchise's history - when "Paradise" was forced to briefly suspend production earlier this summer.

Olympios' prerecorded interview with Harrison will air as part of Bachelor in Paradise's two-hour episode on Tuesday, August 29.

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