Dubai sky to glow with hundreds of meteors this weekend

Skywatchers in Bulgaria will be able to enjoy one of the summer night sky's most spectacular annual displays as the 2017 Perseid meteor showers peak on August 12.

Everyone's so excited about the solar eclipse that they nearly forgot about the Perseids, a wonderful annual celestial event which will take place starting on 11 August and ending on 13 August, having a peak on 12 August.

Unlike last year's outburst, which saw double the usual amount of streaking meteors, visibility this year will be hampered by a bright moon, which will be waning but still three-quarters full.

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The good news about this year's Perseid meteor shower is that astronomers from NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office are forecasting that it will be better than usual!

STEM educator Jeremy Benson will set up telescopes for night viewing and talk with guests about what they can expect to see and what causes a meteor shower. These meteors are actually specks of rock that have broken off Comet Swift-Tuttle and continued to orbit the Sun until they vaporize in Earth's atmosphere.

Alternatively, a live broadcast of the shower will be shown via the Slooh website on August 12 from 8 p.m.

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If you're from Detroit or another big city, we suggest you go outside of town! The moon will rise just before midnight local time.

The earth passes each year through a place where comets flew in the past. But we'll see some meteors nonetheless. Lie on your back and look straight up.

The best way to experience the celestial show is to get away from light pollution - and Northern Utah now has two dark sky parks for people to visit. The shooting stars will appear to come from the direction of the Perseus constellation in the north-eastern part of the sky.

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Regardless of where you live, many provincial parks offer a great place to view these events, even if you have to stick to the parking lot at night.

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