China: Quake detected near N. Korea nuke test site

That is what U.S. President Donald Trump said in response to the news, reported by Reuters, that Chinese authorities had told banks to "stop providing financial services to new North Korean customers and to wind down loans with existing customers" in accordance with United Nations sanctions.

Chinese leaders have long protected the North, but have expressed increasing frustration with the government of Kim Jong Un.

He added that he is "thinking hard" about his response and that Mr Trump "will face results beyond his expectation".

Kim responded in a statement, calling Trump a "mentally deranged USA dotard" and said "a frightened dog barks louder".

Kim characterised Trump's speech to the world body as "mentally deranged behaviour".

North Korea's foreign minister likened Trump to a "barking dog" in response.

"A meeting can also be used to send a direct, tough message to the North Korean leadership about what the United States thinks and what it wants North Korea to do", Wit said. "Regarding which measures to take, I don't really know since it is what Kim Jong Un does", said Ri.

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Japan's defense minister Itsunori Onodera said the country must ready itself for the sudden escalation in tensions and be prepared for a missile launch.

The article said, "For more than seven decades since the foundation of the UN, no chief executives or diplomats including the preceding U.S. presidents have openly called for the obliteration of another state" at the UN General Assembly.

Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera noted a Pacific test could mean a nuclear-armed missile flying over Japan.

"This is clearly trying to coerce the U.S. into playing ball", Narang told CNN.

Kim says Trump's threats only emphasize that North Korea has been justified in its pursuit of nuclear missiles.

The flight follows a week of heightened rhetoric from Washington and Pyongyang, with Trump and Kim Jong Un trading insults.

The South Korean government, which has sought a dialogue with North Korea, called Kim's statement a "reckless provocation" that would deepen the North's global isolation and lead to its demise.

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"We can not deny the possibility it may fly over our country", he said.

One - titled "We will throw the irrational war fanatics of Trump's gang in the fire of justice" - condemned Trump's United Nations speech as "rubbish".

Asked to respond to Kim's statement, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told CNN on Thursday night, "Not at this time".

Ri, who was talking to reporters in NY ahead of a planned address later this week, however also said he did not know Kim's exact thoughts, according to the report. The country could still get a slot at another time.

China's official Xinhua News Agency said the country's seismic service detected a magnitude 3.4 quake in North Korea and saw the likely cause as an explosion.

Earlier on Saturday, China said it will limit exports of refined petroleum products from October 1 and ban exports of condensates and liquefied natural gas immediately to comply with the latest United Nations sanctions.

Tightening an economic noose around the Pyongyang regime, Trump said he had signed an executive order allowing sanctions against "individuals and companies that finance and facilitate trade with North Korea".

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