Puerto Rico tournament moves to SC due to Hurricane Maria

Trump spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Trump was responding to a request from Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello, and that the waiver would go into effect immediately.

Reporting from Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria has been one of the toughest assignments for journalists, as the island is grappling with damaged infrastructure, limited commercial flights and spotty electricity and cell service.

On Wednesday the governor and others pushed Trump to temporarily waive the Jones Act, a law requiring that all goods shipped between US ports be carried by USA owned-and-operated vessels. Many people are unable to work or run their businesses because diesel to run generators is in short supply or they can't spend all day waiting for gas to fill their vehicle.

Even as FEMA and the US military have stepped up relief efforts, many residents have been exasperated at the prolonged lack of electricity, reliable supplies of drinking water and other essentials.

"We can use more help", Cruz said.

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The U.S. has temporarily suspended a law that officials said had been hampering the delivery of desperately needed aid to hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

"The aftermath of the hurricane has caused an huge hardship to the island, and our thoughts are with the people of Puerto Rico during this hard time", ESPN Senior Vice President of College Sports Programming and Events Pete Derzis said in a statement.

Last year, Congress approved the Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act for Puerto Rico, a bill created to help lift the island out of its vast debts with stricter federal oversight of spending and revenue.

Between calls to boycott the National Football League and to support repeal of the Affordable Care Act, Trump's few tweets and retweets about the disaster in Puerto Rico have been vague and largely self-congratulatory.

While delivering aid Wednesday in the southern town of Salinas, Rossello told reporters "This is the single biggest, major catastrophe in the history of Puerto Rico, bar none, and it is probably the biggest hurricane catastrophe in the United States".

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Hurricane Maria hit the USA territory more than a week ago, leaving it without power and its roughly 3.4 million residents short on fuel and other supplies.

President Trump is scheduled to visit the island Tuesday.

The governor is forming a task force to ensure that people who are self-evacuating to MA from Puerto Rico get necessary financial, housing, health care, or job assistance.

The 1,000-bed US Navy hospital ship Comfort will arrive next week, after sailing from its home port in Virginia on Friday. "Now Congress must repeal this law to aid long-term recovery".

Rodriguez said he and other students he is working with plan to reach out to Hoos For Puerto Rico to help with this initiative. We'll update as more information becomes available.

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"The power of this maritime lobby is as powerful as anybody or any organization I have run up against in my political career", McCain said in 2014. "So we didn't know what was going on there". But really only the smallest bit of common sense is needed to understand the Jones Act should be waived for Puerto Rico over the coming weeks.

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