Ryanair to publish full list of cancellations by end of day

As it stands, customers have only been notified of cancellations until Wednesday.

While Ryanair said those whose flights were cancelled would get full refunds or alternative flights - the move has angered hundreds of passengers.

Airlines must also offer you meals, refreshments, and hotel accommodation as appropriate whilst you wait for a rearranged flight for both delays and cancellation.

They have been listed on www.ryanair.com and cover the period up to October 28.

It is believed that up to 9,000 passengers a day could be affected by the cancellations, with the airline admitting that it had "messed up" the planning of pilot holidays.

"It is clearly a mess but in the context of an operation where we operate more than 2,500 flights every day, it is reasonably small but that doesn't take away the inconvenience we've caused to people", O'Leary told Sky News. We will try to do better in future.

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"We see a modest adverse financial impact from refunded tickets and compensation cost", said brokers Liberum.

"We sincerely apologise", Mr O'Leary told Sky News, adding: "It is clearly a mess, but in the context of an operation where we operate almost 2,500 flights every day it is reasonably small".

"Airlines operating in the EU need to respect the European rules".

"This is our mess-up".

He explained": "We have an unusual situation with Ryanair, moving from a 12-month leave from April to March called the fiscal year. It also faces paying compensation of 250 euros ($300) per traveler for flights canceled on less than two weeks' notice.

Ryanair's Robin Kiely says: "By cancelling less than 2% of our flying programme over the next six weeks, (until our winter schedule starts in early November) we can improve the operational resilience of our schedules and restore punctuality".

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The holiday issue arose from a change from holiday allowance in the company running for a fiscal year to a calendar year.

How do I reply for a refund?

Four Dublin and 11 London flights were among 82 flights cancelled on Sunday.

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled are being advised of their rights by the Commission for Aviation Regulation.

Ryanair responded by releasing a list of cancelled flights until Thursday, September 21.

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