Trump voting fraud panel member lamented adding Democrats, 'mainstream' Republicans

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach took President Donald Trump's voting commission to New Hampshire on Tuesday for a meeting that was created to justify fears of rampant voter fraud that he - and the President - claimed was responsible for Hillary Clinton's narrow win over Trump there past year.

New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner, who sits on the commission, told the Union Leader that the data didn't amount to proof of fraud and has suggested that the out-of-state licenses do have other possible explanations.

"So the notion that the commission's collection of data and investigating of this issue causes any state to do anything is a ridiculous statement". "And it is real and valid". "And it is real and valid".

As of August 30, about 15 percent (1,014 of the voters) had been issued New Hampshire driver's licenses.

Under state law, new residents have 60 days to get a New Hampshire driver's license.

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So if those 6,540 voters were bona fide New Hampshire residents, they would get their driver's license no later than January 7, 2017.

New Hampshire Public Radio reported in February that the majority of registrations with out-of-state driver's licenses occurred in towns that are home to colleges and universities. As for the allegation that Russian Federation interfered in last year's election, King said that after an investigation: "It needs to be reported and it needs to be reported truthfully and the American people deserve to know".

Kobach somewhat backed off his op-ed, saying he "struggled with the words - what verbs to use". Last week, Kobach-who has used false allegations of voter fraud to justify disenfranchising thousands-purported to verify claims of New Hampshire fraud in a Breitbart column.

After all, if a person does not accept that mass voter fraud is a reality in the United States, it would pretty hard to marshal evidence to convince her otherwise: A five-year investigation into voter fraud by the George W. Bush administration turned up exactly 26 instances of the phenomenon; a November 2014 study turned up virtually no evidence of in-person voter fraud; and research conducted by the Brennan Center for Justice that same year uncovered 31 credible allegations of voter fraud for every 1 billion votes cast - a fraction of the number of legal citizens who were denied the right to vote for lacking proper identification during the same time period.

The former chair of the Democratic National Committee said on Monday that his party could level the harshest of punishments on New Hampshire if its secretary of state doesn't back away from efforts that could restrict voter participation.

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Effects of lowering the voting age to 18 - presumably they believe that's a problem!

The League of Women Voters of the Austin Area is dedicated to ensuring that all eligible voters - particularly those from traditionally underrepresented or underserved communities, including first-time voters, noncollege youth, new citizens, communities of color, the elderly and low-income Americans - have the opportunity and the information to exercise their right to vote.

Election experts both in the room and watching via livestream, meanwhile, pointed out that some presenters' credentials were dubious and their conclusions have already been debunked. "And, of those 5,526, only 213 registered a vehicle in New Hampshire".

"[Jasper] selectively requested information about voters who registered with out-of-state licenses - an entirely legal and normal practice", Buckley contended, according to WMUR 9". He needs to consider that prior to all the facts being gathered and pondered in with due process, Kris Kobach, the commission's co-chairman, has published an article stating his personal interpretation of just some of the facts. The Trump and Kobach commission should be shut down before it can cause lasting harm to our democracy. We urge our readers to advocate for policies and procedures that encourage more people to vote, not less.

Dunlap said New Hampshire's law is not as strict as Maine's. "And I will not, either".

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Democrats countered that the data likely reflected college students from out-of-state who were voting. So Democrats on the panel are preparing rebuttals themselves. He contended at the time that New Hampshire's voter-registration process allowed many people from other states to cast ballots last November, and that "appears" to have resulted in the Democratic candidate's victory in a U.S. Senate race.

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