And it's TERRIFYING: NASA releases audio of what space REALLY sounds like

Representatives of the Department believe that the sounds "of howling planets" and whistling helium "will surely make your skin crawl".

NASA spacecrafts are actively exploring the cosmos through its advanced spacecrafts and while images of stunning celestial bodies are released on regular basis, release of sounds aren't that common.

NASA has released recorded "space sounds" sourced from our solar system and they are spooky to say the least.

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Some of these radio signals were translated into sounds to understand the signal better, the process also known as "data sonification". From howling planets to whistling helium and odd moons, this is how space Halloween sounds like.

When Juno entered Jupiter's orbit past year, the planet's magnetic field collided with the solar wind (charged particles released by the sun).

Although space lacks a proper medium that would allow sound waves to travel, meaning nobody can actually hear your screams, it is, however, neither "empty" or "silent".

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Next up are the plasma waves, like the roaring ocean surf, captured using the EMFISIS instrument aboard NASA's Van Allen Probes.

Saturn's Radio Emissions: Saturn is a source of intense radio emissions, which were monitored by the Cassini spacecraft.

These sounds range from high-pitched chorus of plasma waves, to trance-like radar echoes from the surface of Titan and some haunting whispers from Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon.

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The sounds are truly eerie: Jupiter's magnetosphere, the powerful magnetic field that extends millions of miles around the planet, sounds like a light saber from Star Wars, and distantly resembles the noise of frozen lakes here on Earth. In fact, the sounds were produced as Stardust, a NASA spacecraft, was hit by multiple particles of dust as the comet passed by it.

  • Israel Montgomery