Former President Barack Obama Shows Up for Jury Duty

Former President Barack Obama, free of a job that forced him to move to Washington for eight years, showed up to a downtown Chicago courthouse for jury duty on Wednesday morning.

Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans told reporters that Obama was not chosen to serve on a jury, according to the Chicago Tribune.

He shook hands with other potential jurors in the assembly room and signed copies of his books people had taken to court with them.

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But some jurors were more impressed than inconvenienced by the fact that Obama showed up to perform his civic duty. "I am surprised that he's actually coming".

Nor is he the first famous Chicagoan to be called to jury duty.

After navigating through traffic in the Loop, he arrived at the Daley Center courthouse around 10 a.m., and entered the building through the basement.

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Obama watched the entire 20-minute educational video during his time at the Daley Center, Evans said.

Mr Obama is not the first USA president to show up for service that some Americans either dread or find excuses to avoid.

While the Obamas now live in Washington, the former president and first lady Michelle Obama maintain a home in Chicago, the city where he got his political start.

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Eventually Obama was placed on a jury panel, but when that panel wasn't needed he was allowed to go home. If not for his presidential status, Obama would've been paid roughly $17.00 a day to be a juror. Obama's predecessor in the White House, George W. Bush, responded to a jury summons in 2015.

  • Ryan Wade