Lebanon's Hariri leaves Cairo for Lebanon - Egypt airport sources

Lebanon's Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri arrived in Beirut Tuesday evening after his sudden resignation in a televised statement he read from the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh on November 4.

The Lebanese president has yet to accept Hariri's resignation, who is expected in Beirut on Wednesday for the celebration of National Day.

His surprise resignation announced from Riyadh triggered a political crisis in Lebanon's power-sharing government.

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"What the Egyptians and French need to do is to convince Mohammed bin Salman" to spare Lebanon a political crisis, he said, alluding to widespread suspicions that the Saudi crown prince, King Salman's son, was behind Hariri's resignation as part of the kingdom's conflict with Shiite and non-Arab Iran.

Hariri's mysterious decision to step down - which the president Michel Aoun has refused to accept while Hariri remains overseas - has raised fears over Lebanon's fragile democracy.

Rouhani on Tuesday said it's unfortunate the organisation expressed regret that the Yemeni rebels known as Houthis launched a ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia earlier this month in response to "so much bombing" by the Saudi-led coalition.

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A message on Hariri's Twitter account said the meeting would be followed by a dinner in his honour.

Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi together with France's leader, Emmanuel Macron, is reportedly trying to mediate a solution that would involve rolling back Hariri's resignation.

Saudi Arabia, Hariri's long-time political patron, is Iran's arch-foe in the region. More celebrations are planned for Wednesday.

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