Geminid meteor shower- All you need to know

We on Earth get to take in the wonder of a meteor shower typically when our planet passes through the trail of a comet.

"This is the best meteor shower this year", Sabin said.

This year the moon is only in a thin crescent and it doesn't rise until 3 am.

The Geminid meteor shower would peak today, December 14 with at least one meteorite every minute passing across the night sky.

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The Geminids meteor shower will be visible in the night sky between the late evening hours of Wednesday and pre-dawn Thursday.


The grandest meteor shower of 2017 peaks this week with excellent viewing conditions expected in the Carolinas. The asteroid was discovered in 1983.

The name Geminids comes from the fact that the meteor always points back to the constellation star pattern of Gemini. Meanwhile, the Perseid meteor shower back in August was obscured by a almost full moon.

It is named after Gemini, because the shooting stars appear to "radiate" from the constellation's bright stars Castor and Pollux.

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If you do want to try to see the Geminids from a city, get into a park or even try to use buildings to block our artificial light that could ruin your night vision, Cooke said in 2015. BuzzFeed News will livestream views of the Geminid meteor show from Slooh's network of cameras and telescopes across Europe from 6-8 p.m. PST on the BuzzFeed Science Facebook page.

Night-time sky-watchers willing to fearless the cold can look forward to a spectacular display of shooting stars tonight. The asteroid is the 32000 Phaethon, and having this phenomenon over comets results in dust grains that burn up as they enter the Earth's atmosphere, NASA claims.

The weather tonight won't be the best for viewing the meteor shower as there is dispersed cloud cover all over the United Kingdom, but make sure to check out your window before your trudge out to watch the show, you may see clear skies and be lucky.

If your skies aren't clear or you're not able to head outside for the shower, check out NASA's meteor webcam tonight live starting at sunset.

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