U.S. helped thwart major attack in St. Petersburg

"We would like to have Russia's help", he told reporters outside the White House.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called U.S. President Donald Trump Sunday to thank him for a Central Intelligence Agency tip that helped thwart a series of bombings in St. Petersburg, the Kremlin said.

It is the second phone call between the two leaders since Thursday.

The Russian leader reassured the U.S. president that "Russian security services, should they have information about possible terrorist threats to the United States and its citizens, will swiftly and unconditionally share it with the USA colleagues via partner channels", the press service stressed.

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The leaders' relationship is complicated by ongoing investigations into the Trump campaign's ties to Moscow.

During the first call, they also discussed during ways to work together to address North Korea's nuclear and ballistic weapons program, the White House said. United States intelligence agencies have previously concluded that Russian Federation tried to meddle in the 2016 presidential election in an effort to help Trump get elected.

The Kremlin said it led Russia's top domestic security agency to a group of suspects that planned to bomb St. Petersburg's Kazan Cathedral and other crowded sites this weekend. The cathedral is a popular tourist site.

Russia's security service said in a statement Friday it had arrested two men around December 13 and 14 who it said were in possession of a large quantity of weapons and explosives.

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The White House seized on the foiled plot in St. Petersburg as a sign of what Moscow and Washington could do if they cooperate.

"Vladimir Putin guaranteed Donald Trump that the Russian knowledge endless supply of data identifying with terrorist dangers against the U.S. and it nationals, will quickly transmit to its American associates in accomplice channels", the announcement included.

Russian Federation has repeatedly been the target of attacks by Islamist militant groups, including an attack in April that killed 14 people when an explosion tore through a train carriage in a metro tunnel in St. Petersburg.

A video that ran on the state news agency RIA Novosti showed a man identified as Yevgeny Yefimov confessing that he planned to carry out a terrorist attack in the city.

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