WWE wrestler suspended after arrest for allegedly battering wife

It started with an argument between Swann and wife Vannarah Riggs in a vehicle, said the Gainesville Police Department.

Witnesses say Swann got out of the vehicle and ran after her, putting her in a headlock and shoving her back in the auto. Swann then allegedly grabbed Yung by the arm and put her in a headlock.

WWE officials have already released a statement announcing the indefinite suspension of Swann and reiterating its zero-tolerance policy on domestic violence. He has been charged with battery and the kidnapping or false imprisonment of an adult.

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An eyewitness reported that Riggs was seen to be pounding on the car's window, screaming for help as Swann drove away. Swan chased after Yung and yelled for her to return to the vehicle, but she refused and began to walk away.

The complaint states that Swann, after being read his Miranda rights, told officers he did not grab his wife and put her in the vehicle. Sadly, if the charges against him hold up, it would appear that the smiling Swann character might be nothing more than a facade.

A witness told police that Riggs jumped out of Swann's slowly moving vehicle.

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Swann told police "he was just trying to get home and she had the phone with the Global Positioning System on it so he needed her to come with him", the complaint states.

He was set to face Drew Gulak in a number one contendership match for Enzo Amore's Cruiserweight Championship on Monday's Raw.

Swann and Yung have been married for nine months after being in a romantic relationship for about five years.

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After the arrest, Swann said he never physically touched her, saying they were just trying to get home and she had the phone with the Global Positioning System.

  • Theresa Obrien