50 senators endorse resolution to restore FCC net neutrality regulations

"We will do everything we can to defend our vibrant Internet economy and consumer choice from the FCC's attempt to curtail net neutrality".

The FCC voted 3-2 last month to repeal rules that prohibited broadband carriers from blocking or throttling online traffic and from charging companies higher fees for prioritized delivery.

Republican U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of ME has already indicated she supports reversing the FCC's decision, leaving Democrats just one vote shy of being able to pass Markey's resolution in the Senate. Lawsuit are pending that would challenge FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's decision to repeal net neutrality rules.

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In a statement, Senate Democrats said the bill has support of all 49 Democratic senators. ISPs argued that the rules blocked them from deploying new business models. The vote scheduled today at the FCC, could usher in big changes in how Americans use the internet, a radical departure from more than a decade of federal oversight. Still, even if they succeed, they would need the House of Representatives to pass a similar measure and get President Donald Trump to sign it.

Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey is the bill's sponsor.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., confirms that Democrats in his chamber have all backed the effort to repeal the scrapping of net neutrality rules.

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After an independent agency makes a decision - such as the FCC's net neutrality deregulation - federal lawmakers have a window of 60 legislative days to reverse the move under the Congressional Review Act.

Legal action following the FCC's vote in December to take broadband out from under Title II of the Telecommunications Act was expected by almost everyone, but the rush to court happens a bit sooner than anticipated. "We welcome Congressman Welch to facilitate this discussion on net neutrality, and applaud his efforts to have the recent FCC's decision remedied". Now the Democrats are fighting hard to save net neutrality, but they will need a little help from their rivals to do so.

The issue of net neutrality was broadly divided along party lines in the United States, at least where legislators are concerned.

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