Dutch spies watched as Russians hacked US Democrats

The evidence was uncovered by a Dutch cyber defense team gained access to the "Cozy Bear" hacker group's systems, including a hallway security camera that allowed the Dutch team to maintain visual surveillance of the hackers. A later attack on the White House was also picked up by the AIVD analysts, de Volkskrant's Huib Modderkolk reported. "It is also not reliable to cite the information provided by the Dutch newspapers", Peskov added.

Apparently, the Dutch penetrated a security camera in the corridor leading to the hackers' office, giving the counter-spies a view of everyone who came and went - information that was shared with United States intelligence.

Media reports from The Netherlands claim that hackers embedded within the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD watched Russian hackers attack the United States. for years. AIVD also compared the photos with the images of known Russian spies to identify potential members of the hacker group, Volkskrant reported.

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But the Volksrant report says that intelligence in the Netherlands, which is not part of the "Five Eyes" group of the closest USA intelligence partners, also shared info with the Americans.

Current affairs program Nieuwsuur and newspaper de Volkskrant based the story on several anonymous intelligence sources in the Netherlands and the United States.

"Not only can the intelligence service now see what the Russians are doing, they can also see who's doing it", the Volkskrant said.

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But the questions raised by the Dutch scoop are as significant as the gaps it helps to close. The Macron presidential campaign accused the Kremlin of election meddling, saying that servers belonging to the team were hacked by a group likely to be associated with Russian Federation. It was later revealed that the same group that was being hacked into by the Dutch is responsible for hacking into the DNC's computer network and meddling with the 2016 presidential election.

The Cozy Bear crew, it seems, didn't realise that they'd been counter-hacked and betrayed by their own network. One would expect USA intelligence to try to prevent that kind of thing. The evidence goes back more than three years, and the Dutch intelligence service has long since lost its access, meaning that Cozy Bear figured out it was being watched and, presumably, by what means. The Kremlin has denied all accusations of government involvement.

Once the media and Congress stop obsessing over the New York Times's latest piece about Trump not firing Robert Mueller seven months ago, perhaps someone will get around to finding real answers to these questions.

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