Ex-Bison Jim Thome elected to Baseball Hall of Fame

Also voted into the Hall of Fame were Chipper Jones (97.2 percent), Vladimir Guerrero (92.9) and Trevor Hoffman.

Bonds is the career home run leader and Clemens is the only pitcher in history with 350 wins and 4,000 strikeouts.

Thome is the 13th player to be inducted whose primary team was the Indians.

Trammell broke in with the Bristol Tigers in 1976 and compiled a.271 batting average in 41 games.

But there is room behind him for a couple more inductees, which could enable Mussina to make a bigger-than-usual surge in his percentage of votes.

Wagner, who pitched for Ferrum from 1991-93, ranks sixth in major league history with 422 saves. However, with another Rockie, Todd Helton, being on the Hall of Fame ballot starting in 2019, will he see the same issues as Walker has? I also don't spend time worrying that there likely are other steroid users being elected to the Hall, at the same time Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds continue to come up short. Former Bristol White Sox slugger Carlos Lee got one vote in his first year on the ballot.

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The 1999 National League MVP, Jones was an eight-time All-Star, and he led the Braves to a World Series title in 1995, hitting.364 in the postseason that year. Jones is the second No. 1 overall draft pick to enter the hall, second to Ken Griffey Jr.

Edgar Martinez was passed over in his ninth time on the ballot, receiving 70.4 percent of the vote.

And if you didn't vote for Jones, tell us why.

Friends say although his career didn't begin in a huge city, he worked his way there and never let the fame or success change him.

The slugger praised his longtime hitting coach, Charlie Manuel, for all the work they did together.

"I think everybody is pretty excited", Hoffman said. The pitcher would bounce the ball and try to knock over a folded license plate on the ground. "This is for Don Gregorio [his hometown], my people and the entire Dominican Republic". Still, Hoffman scored 79.9 percent of the vote, putting him above the 75 percent required for induction. You need to spend two or three to fully understand all of the great things that are in that place. On Wednesday, Hoffman got the call from the committee, that his career shall forever be enshrined in Cooperstown, NY. I'm not anxious about whatever year it is. Sorry. And don't get me started about Pete Rose.

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It took 317 votes to be elected. The crowded ballot has really hurt Kent's case, even though he's one of the best power hitting second baseman ever. Four players were elected, bringing the total for the last five years to 16. Bonds got 56.4% and Clemens got 57.3%, averaging an increase of about 3%. They seem to be "gaining steam with newer voters", Jones said.

Omar Vizquel (37.0), Larry Walker (34.1), Fred McGriff (23.2) and Manny Ramirez (22.0) picked up over 20 percent. Guerrero was chosen on more than 90 percent of the ballots.

Pete Rose, permanently banned from Major League Baseball after an investigation into his betting on the game, didn't receive any write-in votes, as he often has in the past.

The Orioles became well acquainted with a few of these new Hall of Famers over the years. He had the third-most home runs by switch-hitters.

"It evolved to more of a palmball", Hoffman said. Rivera, who retired in 2013, comes up for election in December, with Roy Halladay, Andy Pettitte, Todd Helton and Lance Berkman among the other first-time candidates.

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