How Close Are Senators to Ending the Government Shutdown?

That plan could include funding for storm-ravaged states, re-authorisation of the Children's Health Insurance Programme - and an implicit agreement to hold votes at some point in the coming weeks on a bipartisan immigration deal, according to senators involved in the discussions.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell had urged Democrats to end their blocking tactics, saying: "Every day we spend arguing about keeping the lights on is another day we can not spend negotiating DACA or defence spending or any of our other shared priorities".

The final vote tally was 81-18, with the majority of Democrats joining with the majority of Republicans to pass a bill that keeps the federal government open until February 8.

That statement, nearly certainly negotiated between McConnell and other senators, could be key to shifting the positions of lawmakers who voted against the four-week spending bill on Friday. "I will add my vote for this agreement", he said shortly after McConnell spoke on the Senate floor. "If there is a shutdown he won't go", one official said on condition of anonymity.

Republicans insist that funding government and immigration are unrelated.

"The President needs to pull up a chair and end this shutdown", he said.

Further, McConnell made the exact same promise to Sen.

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President Donald Trump continued blaming Democrats for the funding lapse, citing their demand that protections for young illegal immigrants be included in any deal.

Senator Tim Kaine summed up the view of the more optimistic Democrats: "We got a commitment that I feel very, very good about". "To my Democratic friends, don't overplay your hand", he told reporters.

House conservatives were also watching McConnell's speech closely.

McConnell has dismissed that option, saying Republicans will welcome the filibuster when they return to being the Senate minority.

But, citing McConnell's promises past year for votes on health care and immigration that were never honored, lawmakers in both parties say McConnell needs to offer something more concrete. "That moving to immigration, my understanding is and I believe the commitment is not to prejudice one bill over another".

Republicans have appeared increasingly confident that Democrats were bearing the brunt of criticism for the shutdown and that they would ultimately buckle.

The ad touts Trump's pledge to build a border wall and to strengthen border security.

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The demonstrators said deportations need to stop. "I stand by my words", Durbin, a Democrat from IL , told the co-hosts. He also blamed the Democratic senator for the apparent impasse over negotiations to reach a solution on the Dreamers.

Trump allowed a six-month grace period for Congress to give Dreamers permanent legal status through legislation.

Democrats also objected. "That would be the end of the Senate as it was originally devised and created going back to our Founding Fathers".

That same vote fell short in the Senate, where Republicans have a 51-49 majority. Barring some breakthrough on Monday morning, the three-week continuing resolution will still fail and senators will be back to the drawing board.

Administration officials have also adopted a tougher tone on the Dreamers, who were brought to the U.S. as children by their parents.

He says, "They need to open the government tonight or tomorrow and then we can start talking".

This is the first time a government shutdown has happened while one party, the Republicans, controls both Congress and the White House. He said he had hoped to win over enough support to move ahead on the bill to reopen the government Sunday evening.

President Donald Trump claimed victory Monday after Democrats agreed to a stopgap deal to reopen United States government offices and end a political crisis in Washington.

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