Trump Administration Wants To Cut NASA Funding To The International Space Station

So the White House has come up with a way to stretch the space agency's budget further: Forwarding the bills for the International Space Station to, like, anyone else. However, the simple fact that it contains details that include ending support for the ISS in 2025 suggests that there is a sentiment of that nature in the White House. That means by 2024 the USA will have spent around $115 billion. Although it is a massive investment, costing NASA between $3 and $4 billion each year, it is also a major tool for scientific research. "We will not comment on any leaked or pre-decisional documents prior to the release of the President's FY19 budget, which is scheduled for February 12". Trump's administration has yet to really articulate a plan for NASA to get back to the Moon or what will be accomplished there, and shifting around existing funding can only do so much at a time when he's proposed cutting the agency's overall budget.

During the administration of former president Barrack Obama, funding for the ISS was approved through 2024. Since 1993, the United States has spent around $87 billion to both build and operating the International Space Station, which seems like a significant amount despite representing a tiny fraction of the United States budget when spread out over 25 years.

An artist's rendering shows Sierra Nevada Corp.'s concept for a deep-space habitat. In that time Nasa will have to figure out a way to transition to a fully commercial hub in orbit or turn to the commercial sector full time to maintain a hub in space to continue its research.

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"At Axiom Space, we're building the first commercial space station", said Amir Blachman, vice president of strategic development for Axiom Space, during a panel discussion at the Space Tech Summit in San Mateo, California, Jan. 24.

On the other hand, cancelling the ISS without a replacement could lead to "a gap of human activities in lower Earth orbit", with fewer opportunities to train astronauts and test essential systems. Companies like Bigelow and Axiom need to start developing private markets, everything from space tourism to manufacturing products in microgravity.

"It's one thing to say this is the last space station that will be owned and operated by the federal government", Manber said.

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"There's no question the ISS is a huge financial albatross around NASA's neck", he said.

In the same appearance, he also touched upon the future of the ISS.

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