Republican leaders continue fight against new congressional map

The GOP had won 13 of Pennsylvania's 18 congressional seats in each of the three elections held under that map. Their goal may be just to delay things lone enough that the new maps can't be implemented in time for the midterms, which would buy them two more years of domination of the Pennsylvania House delegation despite the vote being nearly perfectly split down the middle for those seats.

A new court-ordered map of congressional districts in Pennsylvania is spurring more would-be candidates to consider whether - and where - to run.

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Gone are the awkward tentacles and interweaving of districts in the Philadelphia suburbs. Natali said he expects more Republicans in the county to be motivated to volunteer in light of the redistricting.

Democrats hope the new map will help them reclaim control of the U.S. House. "It's a ringing endorsement of the "partisan fairness" doctrine: that parties should be entitled to same proportion of seats as votes". That would give more voters the chance to elect representatives who reflect their interests. What you might not know, however, is that the number of Justices hasn't always been set at nine.

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The next census will occur in 2020, requiring maps to be drawn for the 2022 congressional and state legislative elections. Since the retirement of former U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz, D-13th District, in 2014, not a single woman has represented Pennsylvania on Capitol Hill. It worked, until it didn't.

Arguing that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court unconstitutionally seized the power to draw new congressional districts away from the state legislature, the two top Republican lawmakers in the state returned to the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday night with a plea to block the judge-drawn map.

Let us refresh your memories about the 2011 gerrymandered map.

That district does not include Saccone's home in Allegheny County.

How favorable is this map for Democrats? There is no incumbent member of Congress living in the district.

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Partisans create districts that favor the party in power. Republicans appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's ruling on the old map last month, but Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. rejected the motion. Bipartisan bills to create an independent commission to draw congressional and state legislative districts have already been introduced. Meanwhile, the earlier order required the legislature to present a new map the governor by February 9, and to submit a mutually agreeable map to the court by February 15.

"This new federal lawsuit is the latest in a series of vexatious tactics by Pennsylvania Republican leaders attempting to cling to the unconstitutional 2011 map", Stanton Jones, a lawyer for the group, said on Thursday.

Gerrymandered district lines disrespect the will of the voters, but so does constantly shifting district lines.

The court's opinion establishing its map plan preemptively defended their move. "I hate to lose any of them".

But as redistricting expert Michael Li at the Brennan Center for Justice noted, this is a stretch, since they never asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for more time.

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