Small Asteroid in Friday's Earth Fly-by Just 39000 Miles Away

"Asteroids of this size do not often approach this close to our planet - maybe only once or twice a year", Chodas added.

According to NASA, it will make its closest approach to Earth at 10:30 p.m. GMT (5:30 p.m. EST) today.

The first of this week's close-approaching asteroids-discovered by CSS on February 4-is designated asteroid 2018 CC.

The asteroid is estimated at about 50 feet to 130 feet in size, possibly a little larger than the asteroid that exploded over Russian Federation five years ago this month.

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The asteroid is estimated at 50 to 130 feet in size.

That one, called 2018 CC, passed by on Tuesday, at a distance of roughly 184,000 kilometres, still within the moon's orbit.

The shock wave following a 20-metre wide asteroid hitting the atmosphere over Chelyabinsk injured nearly 1,000 people on February 15 2013.

NASA expects the asteroid to zoom past the United Kingdom at about 10.30pm GMT, travelling at five miles per second.

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While 2018 CB is too small for amateur telescopes, it can be viewed live online with the.

Firstly, the object is relatively small, so it would cause a large number of injuries rather than killing billions of people and sending us back to the Stone Age.

The space agency only caught sight of the pair of asteroids on Sunday - just days before they were due for a close encounter with our planet. The other asteroid 2018 CC, during its close flyby on February 6, was nearly 114,000 miles (184,000 kilometers) away from Earth.

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