Trump has 'autocratic envy' toward Putin — Ex-CIA director

Speaking in a state-of-the-nation speech, Putin said the weapons include a nuclear-powered cruise missile, a nuclear-powered underwater drone and new hypersonic missile that have no equivalent elsewhere in the world. "We do not want a new Cold War or a new arms race", Lungescu said. If he's right, the US military might have to tweak its current defense strategy, and fast. I am calling on you to draw attention to the main thought in the address.

In the past the USA has also looked at the idea of nuclear-powered cruise missiles but they were abandoned in the 1960s because the then available technology simply couldn't handle the task.

Putin said that Russian military experts and diplomats would be ready to discuss new weapons systems with their US counterparts.

One of Vladimir Putin's mobile nuclear missiles is raised into launch position. His 2014 annexation of Ukraine's Crimea boosted his ratings to a record high and he has cast his military intervention in Syria as a proud moment for Moscow. "Our missile defense has never been about [Russia]", White said. The images were projected onto a giant screen behind him at a conference hall in central Moscow where he was addressing Russia's political elite. Worth keeping this grain of salt in mind when Putin goes shooting his mouth off about all the fancy new weapons he has.

"You will have to assess that new reality and become convinced that what I said today isn't a bluff", he said.

Putin claims that Moscow has tested weapons that can not be intercepted and would make NATO's missile defense "useless". When he heard it had been negotiated by Barack Obama, he determined that it must be "a bad deal" and told Mr Putin: "No".

In just one day, the suggestions have been pouring in: "Kraken" for a new underwater drone capable of blasting coastlines with a powerful nuclear explosion.

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In one of his video clip demos, a weapon appeared to be hovering over what looked like a map of the state of Florida.

Washington immediately accused Moscow of breaching Cold War-era arms treaties, with a State Department spokeswoman saying it was "unfortunate" to have watched a video animation that depicted a nuclear attack on the United States.

"As we have repeatedly made clear, the alliance's missile defense is neither designed nor directed against Russian Federation".

Peskov also said that Putin's speech would not increase Russia's global isolation and did not herald the start of a new arms race.

"We've repeatedly warned the USA and the European NATO members, that we will take steps to neutralise threats that arise from the deployment of their missile defence system", he added. News' Megyn Kelly posed that question to the Russian strongman in an exclusive video after his presentation to the Duma, pressing Putin on his nuclear doctrine.

The official says they observed less than a "handful" of tests.

Both Russia and the US have been working to develop missiles that could travel at hypersonic speed, or more than five times the speed of sound.

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The Pentagon is now reviewing a policy that would improve the missile defense system dedicated to countering or intercepting attacks from rogue states like North Korea or Iran.

"They know very well that it's not about them".

"This antimissile "umbrella" turns out to be a bit 'leaky, '" he said in comments released by his ministry.

The Trump Administration has vowed to expand United States nuclear strength, while criticising Russia's buildup.

Vladimir Putin's boast that Russian Federation now possesses unstoppable nuclear weapons capable of causing widespread destruction anywhere on Earth has spooked Australia and close allies, while also sparking fears of a fresh global arms race.

"The Trump administration has increased the range of of possible circumstances that would justify the use of United States nuclear weapons". "Nobody should have any doubts about that".

Other analysts have said the move marks the start of an arms race, though a Kremlin spokesman denied the suggestion.

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