23 million adults would consider ditching their bank over gender pay gap

Gender equality advocates hope the measure will enable employees to talk to their firms about pay inequality and spur employers on to examine why a gender gap may exist within their firm.

All companies in the United Kingdom which employ 250 or more people are required by law to publish and report specific figures about the gender pay gap at their organisations. These are the findings of independent research carried out for SavvvWoman.co.uk, a leading finance website aimed at women.

As the deadline for gender pay gap reporting finally arrives (4 April 2018), leading gender equality campaigning charity the Fawcett Society has claimed that employers now have nowhere to hide on the issue and they should seize the opportunity it represents, rather than trying to hide or massage their figures.

Nearly all of the UK's 9,000 or so biggest businesses - those with more than 250 staff - have submitted their gender pay figures before Thursday's 00:00 BST deadline.

Over four in ten (44 per cent) adults who have a bank account are likely to switch their bank.

Companies who do not provide their figures will face legal action including court orders and fines, but only after a month-long grace period. Bonus payments to men and women are compared, too.

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The trust's gender pay gap is smaller than at neighbouring Countess of Chester Hospital, where women earn an average of 28% less than men, and East Cheshire NHS Trust, where women earn 34.5% less than men on average.

Of firms now known to have the most acute gender pay gaps, Ryanair is the best known. "We're determined to continue our progress towards a workforce that's more representative of the world around us".

The gender pay gap doesn't seem to have been a priority for these companies until now.

The reports show that men are paid more, on average, than women in nearly all workplaces.

Vertical segregation (otherwise known as the "glass ceiling") is what most people think of when they think of the gender pay gap, and it describes the way senior positions tend to be dominated by men.

On Tuesday morning, 8,874 of the more than 9,000 employers affected by the regulation had filed their figures to the United Kingdom gender pay gap service, which allows employees to check their company's record. Companies should also provide an explanation of why their gender pay gap exists and what they plan to do to close it.

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Each airline issued statements alongside their gender pay reports saying male and female pilots are paid the same.

Men still far outweighed women in terms of representation at each level at HP, making up 72% of each of the top two quartiles, 82% of the third and 73% of the lowest paid.

Cricket and tennis are the sports with the largest disparities between men's and women's pay, figures released by the Government have revealed.

"It is estimated that if women and men enjoyed parity in their hours, pay and seniority at work then we could see up to £150 billion added to our GDP", she wrote in The Telegraph.

Particularly telling is the section where companies reveal what percentage of the best and worst-paid members of staff are women.

In March, Minister for Women and Equalities Amber Rudd, announced a £1.5 million fund to support people back into work after time out caring.

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