Amazon Alexa's new feature turns Echo speakers into an intercom connection

According to the company, the feature "enables users to make one-way announcements to all of the Echo devices in their house", acting as a one-way intercom.

While this feature alone may not be enough to convince someone to buy a few extra Echo devices, it's certainly a clever use of the hardware and gives families one more reason to fill their home with smart speakers.

How do Alexa Announcements work?

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Once you've received and installed the latest Kindle Fire software update for the 7 or HD 8, enabling the new feature is rather simple.

The "Announcements" feature can also be activated by saying things like "Alexa, tell everyone..." or "Alexa, broadcast..."

Amazon's Alexa intelligent assistant can now summon a household for dinner thanks to a new feature called "Announcements", Fortune is reporting. So, you could say, "Alexa, announce dinner is ready" and every Echo device in the household will playback "Dinner is ready" using your recorded voice. You can have Alexa show your Cloud Cam feed on devices like a Fire tablet, Echo Show, or Fire TV as well.

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Which is the Alexa Skill you find most useful?

Alexa Announcements rolls out in the U.S. and Canada today and although there's no word on when it will be introduced to other territories, it would be surprising if it didn't eventually.

Amazon Key's smart entry features is now available to all customers across the U.S., including keyless entry, remote lock and unlock, and guest access.

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You can also say "Alexa announce" or "Alexa broadcast" followed by what you want to say for a bit of command variety.

  • Gina Adkins