National Basketball Association playoff picture and current first-round matchups

For starters, the Denver Nuggets and Minnesota Timberwolves are facing a "win and get in" matchup to start off the night.

If OKC does go down, it will be the best team to ever lose in the first round of the playoffs.

The Western Conference comes down to two teams and maybe one sleeper.

Here is a rundown of the matchups in each conference and how we got there.

The Celtics are locked in the No. 2 seed. Portland and Utah will play for the No. 3 seed in the West, in one of the few cut-and-dry matchups. Heat 4. Cavaliers vs. 5.

The 76ers are riding a 16-game win streak into the playoffs despite missing Joel Embiid for nine of those games.

Kyrie Irving to miss rest of season, playoffs
With Irving on the court, the Celtics have maintained Four Factors marks of a 52.2-29.8, per NBAMath's FATS Calculator . He has averaged 20.8 PPG since Irving became sidelined, and he has hit 44.7 percent of his 3s during that time frame.

The Cavaliers lost to the Knicks at home by 12, but it wouldn't have mattered.

So there's only one spot left in the 16-team tournament that will decide whose fingerprints get to put the smudge of a championship celebration on the Larry O'Brien Trophy in June. Our postseason probabilities are based on the win rates that fuel our weekly power rankings and take into account a team's actual win-loss record; its expected win-loss record based on points scored and allowed, also known as its Pythagorean winning per centage; and its regressed win-loss record to account for a small sample size of only 82 games played.

IN is one of the teams to be acknowledged when it comes to be playing in the playoffs.

The Washington Wizards understand that they rely on John Wall to carry them into the playoffs and to go deeper in the second round. Typical of their season. San Antonio will capture No. 6 with a win and a Trail Blazers win and a Thunder win. Pelicans4. Thunder vs. 5.

Blazers: No. 3 with a win, but could finish behind the Spurs or Thunder with a loss. The Thunder were swept by Portland this year, but won three of four against Utah.

Pelicans: Currently fifth, could finish anywhere from fifth to eighth, should New Orleans lose at home to the Spurs Wednesday.

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This was worst-case scenario for the Jazz. The Pelicans, now sitting at five, could potentially miss the playoffs if they were to lose their last two games. That, of course, is because it's no longer possible for the Thunder to earn the seventh seed.

Every game on the slate for Wednesday night begins at 8:00 p.m. or later, with all the "must watch" games for C's fans tipping off at 8:00 p.m.

If the Sixers beat the Bucks, they own the No. 3 seed, but a loss combined with a Cleveland win over NY drops them to the No. 4 seed since Cleveland's Central Division championship would push them ahead of Philadelphia.

If Memphis wins in Oklahoma City and San Antonio wins in New Orleans on Wednesday, the Wolves will get the No. 6 seed and face the victor of the Portland-Utah game.

The Raptors have just as much to prove in the playoffs as the mighty Rockets do, so will this be the year they will get over the hill and defeat LeBron James and his new-look Cavaliers?

When LeBron James took the floor for Cleveland against NY on Wednesday night, it represented a first for the four-time MVP - this is the first of his 15 seasons in which he's played in every regular-season game. San Antonio owned the tiebreaker by virtue of a 2-1 head-to-head record. Moreover, San Antonio will get the No. 8 seed with a loss and a Denver victory.

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