Nevada students joining Friday walkouts marking Columbine

The expected walkout is also a part of the series of walkouts that have occurred since the February 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.

Herring didn't intend for the Columbine anniversary to become the focus of a class project, but said students wanted an opportunity to express their feelings about the book.

If students walk out but decide to remain on campus, "normal disciplinary procedures would be considered and applied as needed", the school district said.

For the April 20 walkouts, which were planned to coincide with the anniversary of the school shooting in Columbine, Colo. on April 20, 1999, students from Naperville to Chicago have planned to leave class at 10 a.m. for a full day of civic activity. Murdock was born in 2002.

A group of Farmington Public Schools students have plans for a second walkout on April 20 to draw attention to their concerns over gun violence. "This is their day and they've been working really hard and they deserve to raise their voice the way they see fit".

A group of students met with Principal Craig Little on Thursday morning, said Gee Basilone, a 16-year-old sophomore.

Lakewood Ranch High School plans to move their walkout to after school school. There have been eight shootings in seven days, three of them involving students. "We are going to be here".

"Young people here, are concerned about gun violence in America".

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Ben Russell, a senior at Naperville Central High School, said from very soon after the Parkland shooting, he and other student organizers intended their April 20 walkout to be a notable event.

"We will have police officers blocking streets and protecting us", they said.

Sparlin also issued a statement to the community in the wake of the Florida high school shooting. "I only walked out to honor those 17 people killed".

"It's annoying", Russell said of the "Weed Day" association. That's because "this is a topic that deserves more than 17 minutes".

I am a teacher who is deeply concerned about the safety of students in the confines of our schools, particularly with the pervasive access to firearms across our country.

The rally's organizers say its goal is to send a message to legislators that advocates for gun legislation "aren't going anywhere".

DeAngelis said he does not want to tell other schools nationally what to do.

Whatever personal views we may have on gun restrictions, these students deserve our support for having the courage of their convictions.

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"It is not conservative or liberal. More people are just going to not listen to it then".

"I think you have the kids today saying, you know, these are things we read about in the history book", Mauser said.

She grew up with that fear.

Additionally, we teach every student the concepts of social and emotional learning and through this we are creating better school climates and reducing bullying.

Also, Levy added, "The fact that [the Parkland students] are already, or will soon be, voters, as well as motivated activists, makes them particularly effective spokespeople and organizers - not just of their own numbers, but their parents, grandparents and neighbors".

She says there is a reason why she felt desensitized when she heard about Parkland. ABC anchor David Muir of World News Tonight said the protests presented "powerful images playing out across this country" with students "staging a massive coordinated protest against gun violence". He's a survivor of the Columbine shooting, and for years has fought for legislation that would allow teachers and school staff to be armed. "We will do so in accordance with our policies and student code of conduct".

At 10 each time zone, students will walk out and observe a moment of silence for shooting victims.

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