Palestinian journalist dies from gunshot wounds

The protests are planned to last six weeks up until Nakhba Day, the anniversary of Israel's establishment that displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians.

"This is a travesty for the Palestinian people that the Hamas government is encouraging its people to attack Israel, it is encouraging its people to commit acts of violence", he said.

Friday's marches began before Muslim noon prayers when thousands of Palestinians streamed to five tent encampments that organizers had set up several hundred yards from the border fence.

In central Gaza east of Deir al-Balah, two Palestinians died after they were shot in the head by soldiers: Ibrahim Ziyad Salameh al-Ar, 20, and Sudqi Talib Muhammad Abu Ateiweh, 45.

"The resort to violence must stop", Bensouda said.

Hamas, a militant group sworn to Israel's destruction, gained legislative elections the next 12 months and in 2007 seized management of Gaza from the internationally acknowledged Palestinian Authority, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas.

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Navy officers say they've used reside hearth exclusively as a final resort when all different options, together with warning pictures and rubber bullets, have didn't cease the demonstrators from reaching the fence.

Israeli troops opened fire on three Palestinians who were spotted crossing into Israeli territory from the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday afternoon, the army said, amid heightened tensions along the Gaza border. Last Friday, some young men said they hoped to be injured so they would be compensated, but were not sure whether they would receive payment.

"Journalists reported being targeted by both live fire and tear gas up to 500 meters from the Gaza-Israel border [sic] fence", the watchdog group stated.

The dead included Palestinian video journalist Yasser Murtaja.

It says Hamas is exploiting the mass marches as a cover for attacking the border fence, and has vowed to prevent a breach at all costs.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes reminded viewers that while protesters did try to take action at the border fence, none of their attempts justified Israel's deadly response.

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Hamas says the demonstrations are meant to attract consideration to the tough situations in Gaza. "It knows exactly what it is doing". But Israeli politicians have remained defiant, praised their soldiers and have rejected calls from the United Nations for an inquiry.

Demonstrators are demanding the right of return for refugees.

Despite these efforts, more than 1,300 Palestinians were injured - around 30 of them critically - by Israeli forces in Gaza on Friday.

It added that the army "will not allow the region to become a combat zone" and that it viewed the incident with "great severity".

The demonstrations turned violent after Israeli forces used tear gas and live fire against crowds of protesters.

Nickolay Mladenov, the United Nations special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, said he was following rhetoric and preparations for Friday's planned march "with concern".

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