Protesters rally for justice for Stephon Clark

"That is what happened here, which culminated in many vehicles being struck, objects being thrown, and fires being started", Jones said.

The National Lawyers Guild - which observed the protest firsthand and a member of which shot video of the incident - said in a statement Sunday night that the Sheriff's department is being "dishonest and misleading" when it says the vehicle was moving slowly.

"He had to have known he hit me", Cleveland said, per the Sacramento Bee. "It was a very fast acceleration, not the way you would move with people around". Cleveland was transported to a hospital and treated for injuries to her arm and the back of her head.

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The Sacramento Sheriff's Department released a statement that said, "As protesters approached both of the marked vehicles, they began yelling while pounding and kicking the vehicles' exterior". "The vehicle just sped off". He said the deputy's vehicle had scratches, dents and a shattered rear window following the collision. "Stephon Clark!" - clashing with the din of a police helicopter unit above warning the protesters through a loudspeaker they could be arrested for participating.

The shooting death of unarmed Black California man Stephon Clark at the hands of Sacramento police has sparked a flurry of renewed debate over the use of force by authorities.

Omalu said the proposition that Clark was assailing the officers, meaning he was facing them, is "inconsistent with the prevailing forensic evidence". The rally was organized by former National Basketball Association player and Sacramento native Matt Barnes, who says the fight for justice for Clark is about "more than just color".

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Saturday's demonstration brought together a multi-racial crowd, many holding signs such as "Stop Police Rage" and "Power to the People". "It comes down to wrong and right". I'm in the process of starting a Clark Boy scholarship fund to make sure these boys go to college. He was struck eight times, mostly from the back, an autopsy released Friday showed. Police said they thought Clark had a gun, but only a cell phone was found on him after the shooting.

The initial autopsy conducted by the Sacramento County Coroner determined the cause of Clark's death as multiple gunshot wounds, and the manner of death was homicide, according to a preliminary report. She was reportedly released soon afterwards.

"I think that the mayor along with the police chief [of Sacramento] did something in California that other chiefs and mayors need to do", the Rev. Shane Harris, who leads the San Diego chapter of the Rev. Al Sharpton's National Action Network, said, according to the Washington Post. The city and police officials have yet to respond to the findings of Dr. Omalu. Black Lives Matter said on their event page that demonstrators would be gathering outside DA Anne Marie Shubert's office every week until charges are filed against the officers who killed Clark.

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