School shooting survivors given mandatory see-through backpacks

Not all Marjory Stoneman Douglas students behind the #NeverAgain movement don't support a new requirement to carry only clear backpacks.

Students at the Florida high school where 17 students and staff members were massacred are now carrying their belongings in clear plastic backpacks in hopes that it will make it hard to smuggle weapons onto campus.

The clear backpack initiative was one of many measures put into place after 17 students and staff members were gunned down at the Florida high school in February, but students are expressing their disappointment in the school district. "No matter how much we tell them to listen to us there will always be a backpack manufacturer saying, "Hey they need clear backpacks, we got you covered, or a Barricade Renter saying, "Hey do you need any extra fences that will create the illusion of safety but are easily jumpable and make all the students feel like a combination of prisoners and livestock?"

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Others pointed out it was an invasion of privacy, particularly for young girls who needed to carry pads and tampons, or for students who require medication.

The school has provided therapists for students, but Giuliana Matamoros, 16, said she wasn't comfortable yet talking about that day with a grownup. Florida Highway Patrol officers are guarding entrances. As much as I appreciate the effort we as a country need to focus on the real issue instead of turning our schools into prisons, ' she said. The tags were also seen during last month's March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C., when student activists David Hogg and Lauren Hogg said the dollar amount represented how much Republican senator Marco Rubio accepted from the NRA divided by every student in the state.

The school will provide them to the students free of charge.

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Despite the jokes, many students are making their argument clear: The backpacks aren't enough to make them feel safe from gun violence, and they're still fighting for action from lawmakers. "Similar to what they do at court houses and the airport!" he said. "Bigger things to worry about", Twitter user Shae wrote. "Metal detectors are a better solution".

The shooting galvanized a student-led movement calling for stricter gun laws, and some students used the clear bags to make a political statement.

'When people pay money for these modifications on our school (the only school in the country that is being altered btw) that means someone is getting paid and I am sick and exhausted of us being treated like prize pigs'.

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Students, now required to wear ID badges around their necks at all times, are being allowed inside through four monitored gates before school starts, and through just one entry point after the bell rings. Sports bags and musical instrument cases are being searched.

  • Ryan Wade