Snapchat Now Lets You Video Chat with Up to 16 Friends

Video chatting with your friends is more in line with private messaging than anything. Up to 16 friends can video chat together at the same time.

To start a group video or audio chat, the user must be a member of a group or should a create a group to do so. And if users decide they only want to communicate by voice, up to 32 people can join to call. "Friends in the Group Chat will receive a notification inviting them to join." the firm's overly excited blog post reads. Face filter lenses can be used during the calls, and only friends of users on the call can be added in.

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To start a video chat, tap the video icon in a group chat in the app.

Starting a group call in Snapchat is relatively straightforward. If someone tags you in their story, you'll get a notification in chat.

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Viewers will be able to swipe up on your Snaps to watch the tagged account's public Story or add them as a friend.

Mentions in Snapchat work just like they do in other applications. One way they've been doing that is by consistently rolling out new features for Snapchat, most of which are eventually borrowed by Instagram as well.

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The company has had a rocky few months, having seen £1 billion wiped off its share price in February after reality TV star Kylie Jenner said she no longer used the service - she has since returned. The feature could let brands call out individual employees or followers in Stories, or promote influencers' content. It will also match a feature in Facebook's Messenger app. The feature appears when you press and hold down on certain "tiles" in the Discover part of the app. This should make it a (ahem) snap to tag the right person.

  • Gina Adkins