Clinton impeachment lawyer to represent Trump

"Emmet Flood will be joining the White House Staff to represent the President and the administration against the Russian Federation witch hunt", Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said.

Whatever their mind-set, members of Trump's team surely know three critical facts: Mueller is operating within the jurisdiction granted to him; the ability to investigate and indict for obstruction (or perjury or witness tampering) is inherent in any prosecutor's mandate (otherwise people would block the investigation); and the Supreme Court in the Nixon case held that the president must comply with a subpoena seeking evidence in criminal matters.

Cobb took the lead of the White House team after the previous lead lawyer, John Dowd, quit in March, convinced that Trump was not following his advice.

The Post said Mueller had raised the possibility of a subpoena after Trump's lawyers said the president had no obligation to talk with federal investigators involved in the probe.

The release this week of a list of 48 questions the special counsel Robert Mueller wants to ask President Donald Trump leaves very little wiggle room for the president.

Those who predict that the confrontation with Mueller could be devastating - setting up a unsafe clash between the President's "truthiness" problem and the stringent requirements of the law - downplay how much of the investigation really depends on politics, not law.

With the departure of Cobb, who will retire at the end of May, the White House loses a strong voice in favor of the president sitting down with Mueller.

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Even if Mueller's team chose to subpoena Trump as part of the investigation, he could still fight it in court or refuse to answer questions by invoking his Fifth Amendment protection from self-incrimination.

In March, the Times reported that Flood could be tapped to join Trump's legal team. But whether the president would be willing to do so is an open question. That references a tweet Trump posted after reports that Comey described a private dinner with the president in personal memos.

Trump slammed the "leaked" questions on Tuesday and claimed vindication, falsely, that there were no queries about collusion. Earlier this year, Robert Bennett, who represented Clinton in the Starr investigation, offered a similar perspective on Trump potentially choosing not to testify.

Meanwhile, Trump could face a whole new level of risk - this time in the political arena - if he's asked questions about his business dealings in Russia and with pro-Russian interests.

Social media are rampant with various opinions of Kanye West, Michelle Wolf and a coterie of bloggers, all of whom in some way are connected to Trump's pernicious, bombastic ravings.

The about four dozen questions were compiled by Trump's lawyers during negotiations with Mueller's investigators earlier this year over the prospect of a presidential interview.

But that, many legal experts have said, is a misunderstanding of the law, as people can be charged by prosecutors with obstruction of justice even if no underlying crime is proven.

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"A Rigged System - They don't want to turn over Documents to Congress", Trump tweeted.

He says: "What are they afraid of?" Why so much redacting?

"Here, everything that we're reading suggests that this is not an indication of privilege for a high-minded reason like protection of the Office of the President but rather to protect Trump and his followers' own hides. Why such unequal 'justice?'" "A president who actually cares about the institution of the presidency, I think, would voluntarily cooperate because he would recognize that the fight in court is going to generate precedent that could be potentially adverse to future presidents down the line", said Katyal.

Several Republican House committee chairmen have recently negotiated deals with the Justice Department to turn over documents related to Russian Federation investigations into Trump and also the 2016 investigation into Democrat Hillary Clinton's emails.

"You'd have to go through hoops at the Justice Department for permission to serve (a subpoena to), say, a journalist", he explained in an interview with WND and Radio America.

"There was no Collusion (it is a Hoax) and there is no Obstruction of Justice (that is a setup & trap)", Mr Trump wrote on Twitter yesterday morning, again calling the investigation a "Witch Hunt!"

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