Gamevice Looks to Stop Importation of Nintendo Switch

Though Commission doesn't name the Switch directly, it does say that it's investigating "certain portable gaming console systems with attachable handheld controllers and components thereof", and named Nintendo as the respondent in the complaint, leaving pretty much nothing to the imagination.

Gamevice eventually dropped the lawsuit for unknown reasons.

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Months back, a company called Gamevice took issue with Nintendo and filed a patent infringement suit against the Switch for allegedly infringing on patents relating to how controllers attach to the sides of an electronic device. There are some key differences between the Gamevice controller and Nintendo's Joy-Con, but when it comes to patent cases, it can often be hard to tell which way its going to go.

As Engadget has previously revealed, Gamevice filed a lawsuit against Nintendo for something similar late a year ago, alleging Nintendo's hardware violated patents for both Gamevice's Wikipad and its detachable controllers for mobile devices.

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The USITC notes that while its investigation has begun, it hasn't ruled on the validity of the complaint. The issue resides with its patents for detachable controllers that resemble the Switch's iconic Joy-Cons.

Gamevice, the creator of detachable controllers for iPhone and Android devices, has requested the US International Trade Commission (ITC) block all imports of Nintendo Switch into the country. That's important to point out, as the agency makes it clear in this statement that it "has not yet made any decision on the merits of this case". The case will be assigned to an administrative law judge, who will schedule and hold an evidentiary hearing. Gamevice even suggests a "limited exclusion order and a cease and desist" against Nintendo. Yes, we're talking about the Switch. Within 45 days after institution of the investigation, the USITC will set a target date for completing the investigation.

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